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¤ Denied. ¤ [22 Aug 2010|01:18pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]


- I don't want certain people reading my shit anymore.
- I decided to keep my personal life public, but not that public.
- Bitches.

Add Me If...
- You know me personally; or...
- You have things in common with me.
- You type like a normal human being.

DON*T Add Me If...
- YoU TyPe LyKe DiS cAuSe u tHiNk iTz KoOl.
- You're a homophobe.
- You don't take risks, cause you're probably shitty and boring.
- You're close-minded.
- You have nothing in common with me.

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Heehee.... [10 Aug 2003|07:01pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

<td bgcolor="#000000">Name</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Date</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">January 22, 2045</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Spouse</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Michael J. Fox </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Price of Wedding</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">$709,149</td></tr>
Who Will You Marry? by Sari
Created with quill18</a>'s MemeGen!
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¤ Update on Brian ¤ [05 Aug 2003|06:19pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Colum just told me that Brian hates me, and that he never cared about me, and shit. I told Colum I really didn't care, and that I'm glad I'm a topic of Brian's discussion if he hates me so much ;] ...

That is all.

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¤ OMG! XD ¤ [24 Jul 2003|10:48pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Michael J. Fox was number 44 on Top 200 Pop Icons!!!!! XD XD XD!!!!!!!!!

Kelly Clarkson's comment was true: That he's a very cute guy...

She also said if he got divorced she'd be like "Um, hey Michael!" ... lmao, if that EVER happens, she'd be one of the millions who still want to Rock his Cock [*I happen to be one of the million lol*] She has a better chance than I anyway! :( lmao

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¤ lmao ¤ [24 Jul 2003|01:44pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Rach: eww, your away messege is nasty you sex monkey
Auto response from XxSuPeRGaRNeTxX: In the shower . . . I wish Michael J Fox were with me! :D

Awww, you Connecticutcans find funny word phrases! <3 You Rach!! LoL -- I'm cumming!!!!!!!!!!! [to your work in 10 mins] lmfao

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* So loved ^___^ * [17 Jul 2003|03:57pm]
[ mood | touched ]

Last night I spoke to a good friend of mine, Matt. For those new to my livejournal, Matt was my friend since last year. I met him through Alyssa, where I had met Chino + Brian + Colum, as well.. I originally didn't like Brian, I thought Matt was hot, though lol... Aside from Chino of course, cause he was Asian. ;o ... Aaanyways, Since last year, Matt has been calling me "Angel" and "sexy" and all this shit, even if I'm not lol. But anyways, I'm all flattered and shit, but I know it's not true lol.

Lately he's been flirty with me, and I've been flirty with him... He's been telling me how if Erik S. turns me down, that Erik's the biggest loser, cause he wouldn't know what a great person he's missing out on, and he's really dumb for not getting to know me outside of work, basically that. I'm always flattered when Matt talks to me, cause he's always finding a way to compliment me. Awesome. :D

He said he's been watching Back To The Future II lately and thinks of me each time, only cause I told him how much I love Michael J. Fox... lol.. anyways, I confessed that I do have feelings for him, and I have since last year, but never told him... He also admitted to liking me last year, and he kinda "backed off" cause Brian was very much into me, and of course, being friends with Brian, he didn't want to be all over me cause Brian would get mad lol. ^_^ .. He said he thinks he still does like me... so that's good lol. I don't know how it's good, but it is I guess, cause I think he does like me still, cause he wouldn't be very flirty with me and shit.. But anyways, I'm planning on wanting to take him to my prom instead of Erik, cause Erik's being a big idiot lately. [No, not either of the Erik's I work with, someone else]... Cause Erik is upset with me, cause of what happened between me and Erik S. [ that "situation" at work lmao]...

Aud's sleepover thingee is on Saturday! FUN. I switched shifts with Steve, and I'm working his shift, from 11 AM - 6 PM... Yeay. 1 hour with Erik! lol. Jackie is working in the morning with me, I have to call her and ask her to bring those... things.. she promised to give me. <33 ... I love Rick. lol. He's so adorable. He has some .... things... I wanted, too. Well, I think he has those... things... lol. I can't say what they are cause I wanna put this on a public entry. ^_^ ... Oh well lol

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¤ oh... ¤ [16 Jul 2003|06:10pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Today on my shift, I managed to get a hold of the Leader Book, which is held for all Leaders of each shift, if something happens, good or bad. Well, I saw my name in it, and couldn't help but read it.... It said this:

Hey! This is your beloved Erik St. Midget... We've got 2 new employees... YAY!

- Employee #1: Steph --->
- she's from Brooklyn
- she laughs at everything
- she hates girls

- Employee #2: Jacob --->
- no matter what anybody says, I think he's "Piggy" in Lord of the Flies, in every way possible

lmao, then I read the next page about me. Yanno the saying about the brightest crayon and shit? Well, anyways, what was basically written was:
If Jacob + Steph were crayons, Jacob would be Shit Brown and Steph would be Neon Yellow. She picks up things VERY FAST. Jacob complains about everything I ask him to do.

LoL, fun. Aaanyways, I got my Michael J. Fox book today. I read it and Patrick was making me "put it away" and shit. lol. Ahh, Adam was helping me with my softball pitching. I'm so bad at it but I don't care... ^___^; ... There's a really sexy pic of Michael J. Fox in his book, which, I'll scan later <333 lol
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¤ Can't Sleep, So I'll pass time... ¤ [16 Jul 2003|12:58am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

In The Last 48 Hours, Have You:
01a.Gotten Blue Balls: // not possible
01b. Cried: // nah
02. Bought something: // yes, gum and my lunch yesterday
03. Gotten sick: // nah
04. Sang: // yes
05. Eaten: // yea
06. Been kissed: // no :(
07. Felt stupid: // yes lol
08. Wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't: // yes :]
09. Met someone new: // nah
10. Moved on: // no
11. Talk to an ex: // nope
12. Missed an ex: // kinda. ;o
13. Talked to someone you have a crush on: // yes
14. Had a serious talk: // no
15. Missed someone: // yea
16. Hugged someone: // no
17. Fought with your parents: // no shockingly
18. Dreamed about someone you can't be with: // yes, last night it was Michael J. Fox, sexy man <33 lol

Social Life:
01. Best girl friend: // I have a few: Rach, Aud, Lauryn, and Mitch
02. Best guy friend: // Matt <33
03. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: // no
04. If no, current dating partner: // no
05. Hobbies: // I love working at the movies!! lol..
06. Pager: // nah
07. Are you center of attention or the wallflower: // it depends
08. What type automobile do you drive: // none, I'm a loser who don't drive.
09. What type automobile do you wish you drove: // jetta, I guess
10. Would you rather be with friends or on a date: // friends
11. Where is the best hangout: // Some place in Brooklyn. Connecticut SUCKS.
12. Do you have a job: // yes ^^ .. I love it! I never wanna quit or hope I don't get fired lol.
13. Do you attend church: // no lol
14. Do you like being around people: // yeah but it depends who
15. Independant/Dependant: // Depends on the situation and circumstances

01. Have you known the longest: // Jess [puppyslikerice]
02. Do you argue the most with: // I don't know. lol
03. Do you always get along with: // Rachael and Lauryn
04. Is the most trustworthy: // Rach + Mitch + Aud + Lauryn
05. Makes you laugh the most: // Uh, Mungo. lol
06. Has been there through all the hard times: // most of them
07. Has the coolest parents: // Jess + Rach lol <33
08. Has the coolest siblings: // Rach <33 lol
09. Is the most blunt: // Rach lol
10. Is the smartest: // Um, definately not moi.
11. Do you love(in a friends sort of way): // Colum + Lyssie
12. Do you love(relationship wise): // Erik S. and Matt

01. Who is your role model: // Um, I really don't have one.
02. What are some of your pet peeves: // I dont know. lol
03. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: // Yeah, Erik S., Michael J. Fox, and Mr. Stinson. lol
04. Have you ever cried over the opposite sex: // mhm
05. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: // no
06. Have you ever lied to your best friend(s): // yeah, when I was younger lol
07. Ever wanted to get revenge on someone because they hurt you: // Yeah, I did follow through on a few...
08. Rather be dumper or dumped: // Dumper
09. Rather have a relationship or a "hookup": // relationship
10. Want someone you don't have right now: // yes...
11. Ever liked your best guy/girl friend: // yes
12. Do you want to get married: // yeah
13. Do you want kids: // i say no now, but its not a definite no
14. Do you believe in psychics: // yup ^.^
15. Do you believe you know the person whom you will marry at this point: // Well, I know who he is, I know he exists through readings.. I know a few details about him, but I don't know his name or when we'll meet. But I assume some time soon cause Other Steph told me that he will spend nights with me in the College dorms when I get there. and I'm gonna marry young [like mom]... So does that mean I'll marry at 18? Cause mom married at 18... lol.. I was told he's straight from Italy, too.. So, once I meet an Italian guy, I'm gonna be all over him! lol
16. What do you think is the best part of your physical appearance?: // Nothing. I'm fat + ugly.
17. What is your favorite part of your emotional being: // Openmindedness
18. Are you happy with you: // No, I'm really fat
19. Are you happy with your life: // It's alright. I feel lonely a lot of the time, though.
20. If you could change something in your life right now, what would it be: // I would be skinnier, and then get a boob job. lol
21. Who was the last person that called you: // James
22. Who was the last person that visited you: // Penn, and he taught me how to pitch with a softball, cause I'm only an outfielder, and want to learn how to pitch just in case I need to. lol. ;D

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¤ LMFAO ... Justin, Justin, Justin.. You silly MOFO ¤ [15 Jul 2003|10:06pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Whoever is as clueless about Michael J. Fox's condition as Justin is should be shot. Justin is Motoronthebrain.... lmfao:

Motoronthebrain: sup ?
XxSuPeRGaRNeTxX: im in love <3
XxSuPeRGaRNeTxX: you?
Motoronthebrain: same
XxSuPeRGaRNeTxX: lol
Motoronthebrain: fine ..... who steph plz tell me im dying ova here ..
XxSuPeRGaRNeTxX: lol k
XxSuPeRGaRNeTxX: Michael J. Fox lol
Motoronthebrain: u kno he is a serios alchaholic and has terrets right ??¿¿¿
XxSuPeRGaRNeTxX: omg bo lol
XxSuPeRGaRNeTxX: no *
XxSuPeRGaRNeTxX: and he's a heavy smoker, but refuses to have pictures taken smoking....
XxSuPeRGaRNeTxX: and I THINK he was an al-kee-holic, cause I'm getting his book "Lucky Man" soon and I was like, reading stuff .... and I think I read something about it lol
Motoronthebrain: well i dont keep up with it but one of my older bros friends is his second cuzin and he told me dat shyt
XxSuPeRGaRNeTxX: OMG REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XxSuPeRGaRNeTxX: lol

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¤ picture ¤ [15 Jul 2003|11:19am]
[ mood | giddy ]

For those who care, this is Vater....

Actually, Vater and Sean... Casey LOVES Sean cause of his hair. lol... You'll see why soon. ;oCollapse )

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¤ GRRRR lol ¤ [14 Jul 2003|10:26pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

I fucking hate Vater. He comes in today, and he fucking doesn't work at the theatre anymore, but he chilled with Tara + Jess + people... and then he makes these fucking rude ass remarks to me when I burp lol. He's like "that's the most revolting thing I've ever heard..." and I was like "yeah, and? you're just JEALOUS cause you can't do it like I do." and he just dropped it cause I was being bitchy. I mean COME ON. If you don't fucking like the fact I burp, don't fucking stick around the theatre ;D ... Um, fuck you if you don't like the fact I'm a girl who burps real loud. ;]

Aanyways, I called the theatre to get Laurel's number... cause I wanna switch shifts with her for her Friday night shift for my Saturday night shift cause I have to go to Aud's partay Saturday night lol. Aanyways, Matt S. put me on hold and put Patrick on the phone. He's like, giving me a phone number, and I was like "alright." It sounded familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it. So I called, and a woman picked up... I asked for Laurel, and she said I had the wrong number. I apoligized and hung up, of course. I took a second look at the number, and realized Patrick had given me Erik, my new love interest's number!! I called back and was like "HA HA HA VERY FUNNY PATRICK!" and he laughed and gave me Laurel's real number.. I called her and did not understand a word she said cause she was talking too close to the phone. lol. All I understood was, she had to think about it for a while, and that she had to pee. LoL ;D

Aanyways, I was talking to Tara about how sexy Erik is, and she's like "Oh god, that's nasty. You like Michael J. Fox, too!" lol. Then she went down the employee phone list on the side counter and asked what I thought of each guy.. lol. Then she's like "WHAT ABOUT BAKER???" [manager for the day shift we were on, who was there] and I was like "Eh, he's pretty hot." lol... Jess + Tara laughed at him, and he turned a bit red lol. THEN, Tara wrote in her little book:

If your name is listed below, the joke's on you:

Matt E.
Sean + Patrick
Sean H
Erik G + Erik St. J [aka "sexy"]
Chris Kelly
and of course, Pru...

Ask me about this later or whenever you guys listed read this...

LoL.... Tara wrote "AKA 'sexy'" because I made her write sexy next to Erik S.'s name cause he's a fucking sexy ass bitch. lol ... I told Vater I had a new love interest, and he's like "No more Patrick?" and I'm like, "not really. It's better this time." and I told him I liked Erik S., and he's like "Oh dear god, no!" lol. Then I was like "Erik G. told me that if Erik ever found out I liked him, he'd run away cause I obsess over guys [JUST Michael J. Fox + Mr. Stinson lol] and that he'd be like "HEY WAIT! I CAN GET A BLOWJOB FROM HER!" and then run back my way and shit like that lol. I don't obsess over guys. Michael J. Fox maybe, Mr. Stinson, NO. and Erik, no. lol. ;D ...

But anyways, before I left I reread the list, and the paragraph that was added was:

Steph should be stabbed. If not stabbed she should at least be gagged and/or tied up...

Something along those lines. Baker had written that. lol. I guess he didn't appreciate that I called him "pretty hot".... lol ;D
Anyways, I have to pee lol. bye bye ;D

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¤ RACH OR AUD lol ¤ [14 Jul 2003|09:57am]
[ mood | worried ]

Do any of you guys have your summer reading list sheets that I can borrow/copy?? cause like, I can't find mine and I still have a shitload of papers from last year.... lol... and It's missing in action. =/ ... I'll bring it right back! lol

Oh and Aud ---
My mom is thinking about me going to your birthday thingee... I don't know why... Well, she said your place is in the middle of nowhere and she doesn't know where to go or some shit like that, and that it's gonna be too much work or some shit like that... But I did get your birthday gift when I went to the mall last Saturday.... lol. I hope you like it =/ .... Cause we all know my presents are sucky and we pretend to love them, but think it's the stupidest thing in the world lol. OMG it's funny :D ... lol

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¤ Meow. I was bored ^^; ¤ [09 Jul 2003|01:47pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

[[ Name - first & middle ]] - Stephanie Ann
[[ Nicknames, including from family ]] - Steph, Brooklyn, Cardi, Steffy, and Fluffy
[[ Age ]] - 16
[[ Astrological sign? ]] - Capricorn
[[ Chinese zodiac sign? ]] - I don't know lol
[[ Location ]] - Stupid Fucking Connecticut.
[[ Sexual Preference ]] - Guys :D
[[ Current Haircolor ]] - Dark brown with blonde streaks. I have to restreak or whatever my hair. ;o .... lol
[[ Eyecolor... W/ & W/O contacts ]] - They change from Green to Hazel
[[ Parents still together? ]] - Yeah
[[ Siblings? ]] - 2 sisters
[[ Pets? ]] - 2 Kitties ~> Rocco + Skippy
[[ In school/graduated? ]] - School
[[ Rent, lease, or own your home? ]] - Um, I think Lease lol
[[ What do you drive? ]] - Nothing ;]

[[ Black/White ]] - Black
[[ Red/Blue ]] - Blue
[[ Dogs/Cats ]] - Kitties
[[ Roses/Daisies ]] - Roses
[[ Beer/Liquor ]] - None =/
[[ Underwear/Thongs ]] - lol... Doesn't matter. =D
[[ Hair: Short/Long ]] - Medium length ;D
[[ Boots/Shoes ]] - Sneakers. lol
[[ Dark/Light ]] - Dark
[[ Day/Night ]] - Night
[[ City/Country ]] - City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[[ Sheets: Solid/Animal Prints ]] - animal prints definately.

[[ Color ]] - black ;o
[[ Animal ]] - cats
[[ Vehicle ]] - I don't know lol
[[ Flower ]] - Hmmmm, not sure.
[[ Beer ]] - None
[[ Liquor ]] - None
[[ Soda ]] - Pepsi!!! :D
[[ Food ]] - Grilled Chicken Caesar salad.
[[ Book ]] - Go Ask Alice + The Lovely Bones
[[ Author ]] - I don't know lol
[[ Band ]] - L'Arc~En~Ciel + KiTTiE
[[ CD ]] - For now it's Stripped still ;]
[[ Song ]] - I have many<33 ... Lately it's Johnny B. Goode, Earth Angel, and Power Of Love
[[ Movie ]] - RIGHT NOW IT'S BACK TO THE FUTURE I + II!!!! lol
[[ Director ]] - n/a lol
[[ Extracurricular Activity ]] - Softball + Soccer

Have you...
[[ Stolen anything? ]] - Fuck yes lol
[[ Pot? ]] - have I pot??? no I haven't. lol
[[ Crack? ]] - ^^see above ;P lol
[[ Drink? ]] - ^
[[ Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name? ]] - Don't drink ;P
[[ Been so drunk you didn't care that you couldn't remember your name? ]] - ^
[[ Posed for nude pics? ]] - Nope never lol. Nobody wants to see my nakee Xo
[[ Considered a life of crime? ]] - Yep lol
[[ Considered being a hooker? ]] - Nah
[[ Maybe a pimp? ]] - Nope
[[ Cheated on someone? ]] - Nyuuu.
[[ Been married? ]] - Nah lol
[[ Been divorced? ]] - Yup ;D
[[ Are you psycho? ]] - YES lol.
[[ Split personalities? ]] - Mhm, sometimes
[[ Schizophrenic? ]] - Nah
[[ Obsessive? ]] - People Say I is... I don't believe it though ;D
[[ Panic? ]] - Have I panic??? lol. No.
[[ Anxiety? ]] - no
[[ Depressed? ]] - no
[[ Suicidal? ]] - no
[[ Homicidal? ]] - no
[[ Genocidal? ]] - no
[[ Obsessed with hate? ]] - no
[[ Mutilate animals? ]] - no.
[[ Idolize infamous criminals? ]] - no
[[ Color your hair? ]] - yeah
[[ Have tattoos? ]] - nope
[[ Piercings? ]] - yeah, four.

*Kissed someone: Yes
*Been in love: Yep
*Been so drunk you blacked out: no
*Cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend: No
*Kept a secret from everyone: Yes, at one point, but not anymore lol.
*Set a body part on fire: no o.o lol
*Had an imaginary friend: yup
*Called or seen a psychic: Yep ^_^ lol
*Ever cried at a chick flick: yup
*Had a crush on a teacher: DEAR GOD, FUCK YES! MR. STINSON! YOU'RE A FUCKING SEXY BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Found a cartoon character attractive: Seifer ;p
*Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the Block tape: no.
*Watched Punky Brewster: yup! lol
*Prank called someone: Mhmmm x.x
*Eaten a whole box of cookies and thought you were fat after: No, I ate like 4 or 5 cookies and knew I was huge. lol
*Been on stage: Yeah.
*Gotten in a car accident: Nope

*Wear eye shadow: Everytime I go out
*Have any regrets: Like 2
*Crush: Yup
*Do you have a best friend: Yeah
*Who do you go to for advice: Rach, Aud, Mitch, Mara, Other Steph, Rach's mom, and Laurel. <3 lol
*Who knows all your secrets?: I dont have any secrets =/
*Who do you cry with: by myself most of the time....

*God/Devil: yup
*Yourself: Not really...
*Your friends: always.
*Aliens: no
*Love: Of course
*The Closet Monster: nah lol
*One person for everyone?: yup

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¤ I might :D ¤ [09 Jul 2003|12:10pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

I'm going to see a flick with James tonight. I get to see Erik [If he's there!!] soooo excited. lol. After James + I see the movie, we're gonna see another movie with Brandon, Tyler, Lauren, Joe, Emma, Davey, people like that. Fuun. :] ... Brandon's so hot. lol. ;D ... He got kicked out of my school, so I haven't seen him in a LONG time. But I told his best friends Joe + Tyler that I have a crush on him. lol. TYLER WAS SHAKING WHEN I TOLD HIM. lmfao. XD~

Sean called me this morning, I was half awake lol. He sounded so happy. He was like "HOW WOULD YOU, Like to work for me, Saturday night?" and I don't him I'd love to, but I had to go to Long Island [most likely] that day... =/ ...

Paycheck is today! WOO! lol

I've been watching Back To The Future II all night. Well, not all night, but my new TV/VCR has the "repeat" option on it, so when the movie's fully done, it stops and rewinds, then replays itself. =D ... lol.. Fun! I did that with Back To The Future I, and when I was getting ready for work yesterday, it tinted green. lol. So I think I'd give it a break for like 2 or 3 days lol. =/

Baby, Don't You Wanna Dance Up On Me??? <333
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¤ OMG ¤ [08 Jul 2003|11:55am]
[ mood | excited ]

Michael J. Fox is a sexy fucking BEAST.

Drop your shit.

¤ my love... ¤ [06 Jul 2003|11:44pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

I confessed my love of Erik S. to my co-workers... and I can care less if they tell him. He's madd hot. Love Him. :D .... Oh, and another Erik is like, madly in love with me, and he resembles Erik S..... so that's great ;D ... I like that Erik, too... But he doesn't know that, cause I'm not allowed to like him lol. Only cause he's an online buddy of mine for a year. He's fucking gorgeous though.

I'm also in love with Michael J. Fox.... Especially when he's like, in Back To The Future lol. Sexiiness + Yummiiness... Speaking of Sexiiness, Rick thought it was funny that I thought Erik was madd hot cause he was in his graphics class with Jackie [who's bringing me pictures of him on a disk cause I requested it lol].... and yeah. It's gonna be awesome. I really want to take Wednesday night shift, only because Erik works one day a week, which IS on Wednesday... I begged Adam for his shift, but he said "I'll see." I doubt he'd let me lol. I asked Anya, who will be manager that night if I may work then, and she was like "No, but if it's really busy I'll call you. and besides, you can always come here to watch a movie." and I was like "oh yeah!" lol <333 I'll post pictures of both Erik's I love when I get them lol.

On another note, when mom picked me up from work, she told me Sebastian [for those new on my friends list], my ex boyfriend, called me. Why? I seriously have no fucking clue. I called him twice already to see what the fuck he wants and I still want my shit back.... But his sister and his mom said he isn't there.... Which is odd cause his away message says he's watching a movie on his computer. Whatever. What a fucking dickhead I hope he rots in hell, after he brings my shit back :D lol

Oh yeah, and I lost 4 lbs... Go me. :D

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¤ weird... ¤ [05 Jul 2003|11:13am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I ate like a pig lately... and I've been cutting down... But for some reason I feel tiny today.... I never usually feel like this. Maybe when I change out of my jammies I'll get fat again lol. But my stomach feels smaller? ... I don't know how to explain it. lol. I'm burning a CD for Leigh, a girl I work with. It's fun. :D

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¤ fuck! ¤ [30 Jun 2003|12:30pm]
[ mood | full ]

I just lost my entry lol. well. Long Story short. I'm planning on going to the movies with Sydney tonight, after she gets off from work. Hopefully she'd want to see Charlie's Angels again, cause I haven't seen it, and I want to. I don't think she'd complain considering I'm a staff at the theatre, and I get her in for free [as well as me]

I can't wait for 7th Heaven to come on tonight!! Even though they're reruns, I'm happy with just watching reruns, cause I'm a loser like that. =] 10 Things I Hate About You is on! I'm gonna go watch it now lol/

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¤ NO!!!!!!!!!!! ¤ [20 Jun 2003|10:16pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Today was my last day of school. I'm so fucking sad! I can't wait until school starts again! I wanna see Stins ;[ ... Ah well, I'm gonna have to suck it up and survive not seeing him. =/ ... I hope I see him over the summer! =o

Today he asked me how my bump was, and I was like "fine thanks!" lol. Aww, he cares! lmfao. <__>;; Lauryn took pictures of him! Well, 2.... She asked him for a picture, and the "pose", but he said he'll let her take a picture, but he's really busy, and she can take pictures of him working or something like that lol. Then after school she took another pic of him in his classroom. She said he was just standing there waiting for her to take the picture. We'll see how sexy he turned out lol <333.

On other notes, we watched Coyote Ugly in Health class, compliments of me, and I'll never look at that movie the same again. I'll laugh at parts I didn't think were funny cause my health class made em that way lol.. Like when Violet first meets the Coyotes in the Diner, When Tyra Banks/Zoe was dancing in front of the table n such, they're like "Now who dances in a diner?!" and then when Cammie got up to show off her tattoo and her ass shows, Kevin's like "I see buttcheeks! Is she wearing underwear?! Who lifts up their skirt in public!?" lmao. Then when Violet went into Coyote Ugly, and Rachael cut off that guys hair and he was laughing, Mr. Schibi, my health teacher was, like "Okay, who's stupid and drunk enough to let a girl cut your hair off!? He's like 'HAHAHAHA!!!!' *does the hair motion and laugh tilting his head back like the man*" and I was HYSTERICAL! lmfao.. Oh god, I'll never see that movie the same. there were more parts but I'm lazy to type. lol

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¤ meow... ¤ [19 Jun 2003|05:51pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

Today we went to school late... and I had My Global final in Mr. Stinson's classroom, and my American Studies game final thingee with Mr. Peters + Ms. Strausberg. This morning when I got to school I said to my friends "I'm debating on whether to take the test in Mrs. Mongin's classroom or stay in Mr. Stinson's classroom for 2 hours doing the test.." and everyone said to stay with Stins, so I did. I was debating cause I'd need help [so i thought] and Mrs. Mongin would gimmie answers lol... Or, since it was my last [and longest] class with Stins, I'd admire him the whole time lol. So I chose to stay in Stins' class...

Before the final we had to give in our uncovered textbooks, and I sat down. Stins was sitting at his desk with the list of index cards with numbers we filled out in the beginning of the year. I was talking to Ania before the situation happened, and then there was an index card on the floor... I leaned over to pick it up, and I hit my head on the corner of Ania's desk. I was like "AAHH" and picked the index card up. I was like "I'm not crying! I'm just tearing!" to Ania, and she's like "oh my god, you have a bump on your head the size of an egg!!" and I was like "crap!" and I was hysterical laughing lol...

I went up to Stins to see if I can get an ice pack before the final, and he was talking to his other students. So I stood there, waiting for him to stop talking to them and I was laughing and tearing at that point still... my face was bright red... and Eric + Vinny + a couple of other guys in the front row asked me what happned, and I was liked "I hit my head on the corner of the desk!" and then they're like "oh"...

So Stins turned around finally, my eyes in tears/semi-crying, and he was like, his eyes got bigger and he sounded so caring lol, he's like "What happened?!" and I was laughing hysterically while I was saying "I hit my head on the desk and I got a bump! Can I go to the nurse and get an ice pack?" and he's like "sure go ahead" and he was being sexy lol.... So I go to the nurse and Mr. Futh + Mrs. Dwyer were making a big thing that my bump was really big at that point. So She gave me an ice pack, and asked me basic questions, like Where I was, what time it was, what my name is, what the principal's name is, what class i was in, what final i was taking, who my teacher this period was, what the president's name is, things like that. After she wrote to Mr. Stinson to send me out an hour later, and not to mind me and to make sure i wasn't acting unusual from my normal behavior lol.... OMG SO HE WAS WATCHING ME lol

So anyways, he sent me out and that was that. Some people noticed it, and Big Bran-dohn was like "NICE LUMP ON YOUR HEAD!" in the hallway during lunch lol... The nurse kept checking on me on the hour to make sure I was alright. She called my mom at 11 and told her about the accident, then mom wanted to pick me up from school and I was like "NO!!! OF ALL DAYS! I HAVE MY FINAL!" lol. If it were any day AFTER Stins' class, I'd be willing to go home, but I had to take my final. I try to take responsibility as much as I can, and making sure my finals were done first was one of them.

Mrs. Dwyer was like, wrote an accident report for Mr. Stinson to sign for tomorrow.. and she told me she didn't know what he looked like, cause I told her I loved him lol... Then I was begging to bring her with me to have him sign it and stuff lol. ;o

Oh yeah, last thing... The index card I attempted to pick up wasn't Mr. Stinson's... It was Mike + Travis Horrigan... lol

Drop your shit.

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